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Innovative production technology.

CERAMAX hybridceramic is being produced with an innovative technology of production. During this process the Temperatur reaches more than 1.200 degrees.

Mineral based and nonflammable.

CERAMAX hybridceramic is mineral based and nonflammable. It contains clay, granite, metamorphic rocks, silicate minerals und ceramic pigments.

Superior even flatness.

Because of a especially developed processing technology we can proudly guarantee a superior even flatness for the color- and surface texture. Through the CERAMAX surface finishing; we produce a high density „glasslike“ and fully homogeneous surface.

CERAMAX hybridceramic. - Porcelain ceramic next step.

For more than 10 years porcelain ceramic has been introduced as a building material. Today CERAMAX is proud to present porcelain ceramic next step. - CERAMAX hybridceramic.

A unique product range with actual 10 basic products and more than 80 surface designs.

> CERAMAX monoplates.

CERAMAX HYBRIDCERAMIC is being produced as a monoplate and "ready to use" panel for a wide variety of uses. CERAMAX monoplates are available in several rough or original formats with several different thicknesses and overall measurements.The client can cut and process these into individual formats and overall measurement. Additional processes are possible like polished edges and matt surfacing as well as several other applications. The material can be refined and cut to any specs as needed.

> CERAMAX advantages.

CERAMAX hybridceramic ist stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. It is available from 3 mm - 13 mm thickness. A special surface finish guarantees exceptional and gratuitous advantages.  

Therefore CERAMAX hybridceramic developed through an universal product for surface-design and -finishing in industry and trade. 



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