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Ready to use furniture fronts. With ceramic surfaces.

Die Küchenmöbelindustrie hat ihre eigenen Anforderungen. Kurze Lieferzeiten. Eine einfache Weiterverarbeitung und aussergewöhnliches Design.

Mit CERALIGHT IQ haben wir eine leichte Keramikfront für die Möbelindustrie entwickelt. CERALIGHT IQ ist einfach weiterzuverarbeiten. Dank des geringen Gewichtes und der rückseitigen Holzoberfläche kann CERALIGHT IQ - wie eine herkömmliche Möbelfront - im normalen Produktionsprozess montiert werden.

Bein Endkunden sorgt die speziell entwickelte Kantenlösung von CERALIGHT IQ dafür, dass geöffnete Schubladen und Schranktüren (z.B. durch metallische Töpfe), an ihren Kanten nicht beschädigt werden. Auch wenn es zu plötzlichen Stoßbelastungen beim Handling von Töpfen und Geschirr kommt. Ein echter Meilenstein!


For professional use, gastronomy and food industry.

For high class worktops and professional kitchens, there are many special surface requirements.

Scratch resistant and food safe. And extremely important - easy to clean. Other important factors are requirements to design and processing. 

CERAMAX adjusted to these requirements and developed CERALIGHT.

Scratch resistant. Food safe. - Easy to clean.

CERALIGHT is a product line made from thin and lightweight ceramic-slabs with extraordinary surface properties. Ideal for food processing.

Highest surface qualities like chemical and bacterial resistance make it the first choice for heavily used surfaces in gastronomy, hotel business and food industry.

> Version

as monoplate or panel with one- or twosided surfaces

> Properties


CERALIGHT XXL 3 mm (± 0,5 mm) as furniture-front

CERALIGHT XXL 6 mm (± 0,5 mm) as kitchen-top and backsplash

CERALIGHT ECO 6 mm (± 0,5 mm) as kitchen-top and back-splash

from 34 mm as panel for kitchen-tops 


2,40 kg/sqm, per mm thickness (panel-weight by request)

> Dimensions

maximum size

CERALIGHT XXL max. 100 x 300 cm
CERALIGHT ECO max. 150 x 300 cm

further dimensions

Production by request. Format, size, shape, thickness, drills and cut outs according to customer specification.

Here you find a selection of our surface-designs.



You plan - we manufacture!

Economic product solutions need rational processing. CERAMAX Hybridceramics are produced on a large industrial scale with consistently topmost quality. Our experience and technology ensures optimal product results for a successful and easy processing.

Profit from our know-how. Take advantage during processing and use.

Take our advise!

Make an appointment for a consultation. Call us (+49 511 4739700), send an email (info(at) or fill out the form.